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Project: The Historic Chicago Bungalow Initiative - Chicago, Illinois


The Historic Chicago Bungalow Initiative is an ongoing citywide program announced by Chicago Major Richard M. Daley to assist approximately 80,000 bungalow owners. The Initiative's goals include preserving and enhancing this unique Chicago home and its neighborhoods with financial incentives, Architectural Design Guidelines, an information resource internet site, the formation of a State of Illinois chartered "Historic Chicago Bungalow Association", and a self guided tour through the historic "Bungalow Belt" neighborhoods.

Sonoc Architects provided concept development assistance, as well as, providing planning and design oversight, including architectural drawings. Additionally, Sonoc co-authored a newly published book entitled "Chicago Bungalow" produced by the Chicago Architecture Foundation.

Client: The City of Chicago - Department of Housing
Date: 2000-2002


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