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Project: A. Finkl & Sons Model Urban Industrial Campus - Chicago, Illinois


The A. Finkl & Sons Model Urban Industrial Campus, Chicago’s first urban manufacturing campus, was initiated in 1991 to transform a gritty 15 acre industrial steel mill into a park-like campus that would welcome the surrounding gentrifying neighborhood residents with new streets and sidewalks, landscaping, benches, entry gateways, outdoor exhibits of “antique machinery’, information kiosks, new manufacturing buildings and laboratories, and as well, renovated buildings that blend with the architectural styles of the surrounding neighborhood.

Sonoc Architects planned, designed and provided construction drawings for all of the Model Industrial Campus and building improvements. Participation with numerous city agencies, local alderman, community organizations, neighboring merchants and residents insured a successful public/ private partnership. Additionally, Sonoc coordinated the construction, contractors, project schedules and budgets.

Client: A. Finkl & Sons Co. - Chicago, Illinois
Date: 1991 - 2002


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