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Project: Halsted/ North Avenue Chicago Transit Station Renovation - Chicago, Illinois


The renovation of the Chicago Transit Station at the intersection of North/ Halsted/
Clybourn, is a joint venture with multiple City of Chicago departments, the Chicago Transit Authority, a committee of local business owners and local neighborhood organizations. The goal of the renovation is to enhance the exterior appearance of the building and to improve the interior retail and public spaces of the 60 year-old station. The complete renovation will provide a transit station that is compatible with the extensive investment into the surrounding neighborhood by business owners and residents.

Sonoc Architects provided detailed analysis of the existing station, design concepts, renovation guidelines, cost scope documents and construction drawings for the building renovation. Additionally, Sonoc convened committee and community meetings as part of the planning and design sessions.

Client: Chicago Transit Authority
The City of Chicago
The Red Line Revitalization Committee - Chicago, IL
Date: 1999-2000


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